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Local Brew is a new TV show I created about Maine craft beer. I’m a huge craft beer fan, a lover of all things Maine, and I really enjoy telling peoples stories. This project is very personal to me, driven by my passion to creating something cool and unique, all while having fun and visiting places I’ve never been to. It’s been a challenge to get the first episode produced, shot, edited and online but it’s been super fun. This if my first episode, and with any luck, many more will follow. If you enjoy the show be sure to like it on Facebook or follow it on Twitter for future updates and cool info about Maine craft beer. Cheers!


In episode 1 of Local Brew, Matt heads to Lewiston, Maine, to visit Baxter Brewing Company. There he meets the owner, Luke Livingston, to talk about craft beer, the mill and his journey from beer fanatic to brewery owner. Then Matt rolls up his sleeves and helps Baxter’s head brewer Ben Low make a batch of Stowaway I.P.A. After that it’s off to the canning line where Matt gets a lesson is how to can beer and almost smashes his face. Then Luke and Matt head to the tasting room to sample some of Baxter’s fine craft beers, including their then un-released, un-tested summer beer, Celsius Summer Ale. After the tasting is done, Matt heads to one of Lewiston’s favorite watering holes, DaVinci’s Eatery, to talk beer with the people who it best – the locals. There he meets some of Lewiston’s finest, hangs out with the crew of Baxter Brewing, steals a nibble of Luke’s famous Pamola Pale Ale mussels! Yes it’s a about a local micro-brewery, local people, and great craft beer in this episode of Local Brew!


Special thanks to Luke Livingston, Ben Low, Chris Cavallari, and the entire crew at Baxter Brewing for their time, knowledge, and putting up with a film crew for an entire day. To DaVinci’s Eatery and their entire staff for generously donating lunch and their location for filming.

Thank you to the entire Local Brew crew for being patient and believing in this project. Including Matt Delamater, Jason Bosch, Chris Ogden of Ogden Media, Stephen Phillips of sdp Photography, Jake Erskine, Theresa Nessel, Rachel Attwood Mistler, and Kelley Swan Peabbles.

Thanks to everyone who gave us permission to use their photos, including:
Pamola Creature Depiction - James Clayton
Dempsey Challenge bicycle riding on bridge – Richard Marchessault
Patrick Dempsey drinking a beer – Thomas Wilson, Gritty McDuff’s Brewing Co.
Dempsey Challenge runners, Maine Running Photos
Maine Cycling Club, Maine Cycling Club

And to everyone else who offered help, support and encouragement along the way. Thank you!

Local Brew is an original series created by Nathan Bowman. Copyright © 2012. All rights reserved.